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Reading Glasses on Book

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much coffee will I get each month?
    1 lb in your choice of whole bean or ground and dark, medium or flavored roast. Our coffee is premium coffee and sold in 1 lb bags, not the typical 12 oz bag you usually see in stores.
  • Can I change my book genre or coffee roast or tea type?
    Yes! You will receive an email reminder to add your book and change your coffee roast or tea type. Just make the changes on your account page. If you don't change your coffee roast/tea type, you will get the same as the month before. If you forget to update your book within 5 days of the reminder email, your book will be selected for you. You can respond to the reminder email also with your updated choices.
  • Can I pause my membership?
    Yes! You can manage your subscription under your Account & Subscription Settings. You can pause a month if you don't like the current months' book choices or coffee selections. We will let you know what coffee selection we have made on social media.
  • I am gifting a subscription. How does the person I am gifting the subscription to select their book?
    All gift recipients will receive a card in their box with instructions on how to order their next book or change their coffee roast. For the first selection, you will have to make it for them. They can visit our website if you don't want the box to be a surprise and they can let you know what book they want.
  • What is the return/refund policy
    If your box is damaged inside, return the box within 7 days of date you received the box. Once we receive the box, we will process a refund to the original payment method. Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for coffee that has been opened
  • When will my box be shipped?
    Your first box will be shipped within 3-8 days. If you have a 3 or 6 month subscription, your next book will be shipped on the 1st/2nd or 15th/16th. Two weeks before your shipment, you will receive a reminder email to select your book. You will have 5 days to update your choice, or we will select a book for you. Books will be added on the 15th of each month for the following month. For example, February selections will be added on January 15. You can update your book choice anytime after the 15 th in your Subscription Page
  • How Much Tea Do I Get?
    You get 3 oz of loose-leaf tea. 3 oz of tea is equal to 45 cups of tea. You can choose from black, green, chai or herbal/seasonal tea. Teas will be different each month
  • Can I just get coffee or tea?
    Yes! Minimum coffee orders are 2 bags (1 lb each). Minimum tea orders are 4 oz.
  • Do I pay in full?
    You can pay in full or pay in installments with Affirm! There is no extra cost on our end.
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