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Blogging While Caffeinated

I gotta keep myself occupied. After retiring from the Marine Corps, I thought I'd take a nice two-year break to focus on my hobbies and being a mom. Well, that plan went out the window pretty quickly. I finished up all the stuff I wanted to do around the house and then decided to start volunteering. I helped out at a few non-profit organizations, my son's school, and even with my husband's unit (he's still on active duty). Oh, and I did a ton of shopping. Seriously, I went overboard. But then I realized I needed something more to fill my time. I knew I wanted to start my own business and do it from home. So, I became a home organizer. I went through all the training to become a Kon-Mari Home Organizer (I'm a huge fan of Marie Kondo!). I started my business, but it didn't take long for me to realize that I absolutely despised organizing other people's houses. Plus, as an introvert, I hated having to talk to people all the time. That gig didn't last long. Then one day, while I was searching for Christmas gifts for my family, I thought about my sisters who love to read. I started looking into Book and Wine Clubs, but couldn't find one that I truly loved. Then I checked out Book and Coffee Clubs, but still couldn't find the perfect fit. The coffee was either terrible, there wasn't enough of it, or the book choices were limited. And let me tell you, I was pretty hyped up on caffeine at that moment. That's when it hit me - this could be my new business! And so, it all began!

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